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devolker - 14 Apr 2018, 13:17
Jenny’s Home
devolker - 14 Apr 2018, 13:18
whera i can foun&&d Jenny’s Home
GhostBtch - 16 Apr 2018, 01:33
I have changed chatbox to a most compreensive system. I hope nobody confuses this area with the search again.
ud93 - 16 Apr 2018, 04:03
Maybe the people that make the mistake don’t understand English, so just take a chance that it could be the search box. Nothing to lose! Morning to anyone lurking.
abragan - 16 Apr 2018, 13:18
The main problem is that there is no search box on the main page - they are all hidden away in the individual forums. Trying to find anything can often mean doing two or three searches. Go to any other similar website and you find search on the front page - so people come here - see only one box and assume it is for searching
jb1970 - 16 Apr 2018, 15:59
abragan: Just look the top right hand corner of the main page and look for the magnifying glass icon (just next to PM & settings buttons) and yes, that is the search button :D The search in individual subforums searches only from these forums/threads. Besides I believe zero post noobs use this chat box as a request box as it’s more convenient than posting a proper message to correct section... :crie
abragan - 16 Apr 2018, 16:29
As noted above people expect to find a box
taces23 - 16 Apr 2018, 20:19
I agree with jb1970 about the newbies using this as a request. It is convenient to them due to the "Forum Permissions For New Users" which requires them to have 20+ posts before making requests. Since the majority of search/requests are from newbies, maybe they should be restricted from chatting until the forum requirement is met. I’m not trying to sound unfair, I respect the thoughts of all users but, they need to learn how to surf AMF.Land the proper way, just like all the veteran users. :unsure
fartharder - 17 Apr 2018, 00:02
taces23 hot pics set 666
fartharder - 17 Apr 2018, 00:03
drat, now everyone knows what i was searching for! sorry taces, no weird fetishes here
GhostBtch - 17 Apr 2018, 00:19
octave - 18 Apr 2018, 17:34
Massive thanks to board admin who helped me solve a problem today!!!!!
taces23 - 18 Apr 2018, 20:33
A new Krystal model has been released. I posted the previews here: newstar-models/krystal-t62400.html
Any feedback is appreciated but, please post the "Thank You" comments in the chatbox, enjoy. :)
taces23 - 18 Apr 2018, 20:37
fartharder, No shame in that. They won’t light my cigarette but, they are nice. :fun2
octave - 18 Apr 2018, 22:10
Oh ok races, I had an issue for ages but it was easily sorted for me. :comm
octave - 18 Apr 2018, 22:11
Oops taxes :ohno
octave - 18 Apr 2018, 22:11
taces23 - 19 Apr 2018, 01:48
octave, Thanks for poking fun at my profile name, which happens to refer to my brother who passed away at the age of 19 due to cancer. You can make jokes about anything else but, please leave my profile name out, it’s very sensitive to me. :cry: Thanks
GhostBtch - 19 Apr 2018, 02:28
He’s on mobile phone. It’s probably spell checker
octave - 19 Apr 2018, 02:48
Taces no offence was intended and I was not being funny. Forgive me please
taces23 - 19 Apr 2018, 03:16
Thanks, Ghostbitch :) and I’m want to apologize to you, octave. :( I know you meant no disrespect.
I saw the comment and it brought up painful memories of my brother. I didn’t see the signs of his sickness even though others did. Had I listened, he might be alive today. I’m only saying this to let all of you know why I’m hard to get along with, why my communication between posts and PMs are difficult to follow and is the reason why I’m always asking staff members for advice on something, even simple things because I want to make sure that what I’m doing is the proper thing to do.
taces23 - 20 Apr 2018, 05:14
Hey, guys. Sorry for being late with this, just wanted to let you know that the New Krystal had her 1st video released on Clipmonster on the 18th. The name is "Yellow" and it is 6:15 in length.
It’s a dancing video, I think. I haven’t reviewed it yet. Dancing is Okay but I’d prefer to see the Original Krystal doing it, JMHO.
taces23 - 20 Apr 2018, 05:30
I apologize if my previous comment sounds like advertising. If it seems that way, then I should be issued a warning. I may be a mod but, I can be warned/banned just like anyone else.
So, admin/staff, if a warning/ban needs to be issued, I will accept it, thanks.
GhostBtch - 20 Apr 2018, 11:33
Promoting a new set from this amazing agency is not an advertisement. It’s a good news...
taces23 - 21 Apr 2018, 08:15
GhostBtch, :win
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