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oshimanatsu - 01 Jun 2018, 15:35
It seems I’m not able to post ... what changed ?
oshimanatsu - 01 Jun 2018, 15:53
The "create new post" button doesn’t even show anymore ? Is there a new limit for post in this forum ? It’s been a long time since I’ve posted here.
HannaM - 02 Jun 2018, 17:41
Reading about all that you guys have lost, truly sad
jb1970 - 08 Jun 2018, 06:14
I see some posters have started to use image hosts not allowed here (imgview, imgoutlet, pixsense etc) and maybe it’s a time to start to implement some administrative actions to prevent the use of these javascript requiring pop-up traps... These hosts are the cancer of image boards and should be banned for good :x
taces23 - 08 Jun 2018, 20:49
jb1970, Thanks for the comment. :win Members who are using banned image hosts will find the allowed hosts here:
You will be given time to update your posts with the preferred hosts. The rules state that repeat violators will be warned/banned, please go through the list carefully.
aeropagita - 12 Jun 2018, 13:28
I do not know why I have disabled the "reply" icon in thread Silver/TMTV :unsure
devilsoul13 - 13 Jun 2018, 07:59
plz update the image host list
taces23 - 14 Jun 2018, 02:31
devilsoul13, Just updated the list. :)
devilsoul13 - 14 Jun 2018, 23:34
cool!! :D
please add http://www.imgvip.net it is a good host who pays quickly and in time (24h)
GhostBtch - 15 Jun 2018, 00:34
For those who want to use IMGVIP, remember to read their TOS - Any image uploaded must be 18+ models -
GhostBtch - 15 Jun 2018, 00:38
Also, we need to test this host (popunders, popups, viruses, etc) before allow to be used here. I tried to signup a couple of times, but it’s impossible (server error).
falkonpunch777 - 16 Jun 2018, 17:51
have you guys tried file.al for uploads? I get good speeds as premium
MeMyselfNI - 16 Jun 2018, 22:30
file.al is just about the WORST host for free downloaders
. 9 out of 10 files I’ve tried to get from them only got me weird error messages & no download.
jb1970 - 17 Jun 2018, 05:26
I vote against imgvip.net as a) it requires log in to upload and b) seemingly requires javascript as well :x I’m also against every single host that has a) pop ups b) re-directions c) requires additional clicks d) waiting time as well as e) javascript to see the pics and i.e. imgadult ticks all these boxes :x Doesn’t anyone else believe in old school non-profit sharing any longer..?
MeMyselfNI - 17 Jun 2018, 06:01
@ jb1970 - I agree with you about imageadult. Crappy host that makes you click WAY too many times just to view 1 damn pic.
falkonpunch777 - 17 Jun 2018, 16:00
Is imgchili working? That one was straightforwatd. Go to link and see picture
MeMyselfNI - 17 Jun 2018, 16:58
imgchili is gone. out of business.1 more image host gone extinct like the dinosaurs.
falkonpunch777 - 17 Jun 2018, 19:01
Ah, that sucks. That was a good one
taces23 - 18 Jun 2018, 00:44
I’ve previously updated the list. imgtrex.com, imgchili.net, imgcandy.net, and Shot IMG are inactive and I labeled them as such. I left them in the list on the chance they may return. I’ve also added moreimg to the list, if anyone has concerns for this host, please let me know.
taces23 - 18 Jun 2018, 01:59
NewStar/Tiny-Model and related are now accepting bitcoin. See this post for details:
taces23 - 18 Jun 2018, 02:17
I just heard from file.al and they do not allow NN models and jailbaits of any kind, strictly prohibited.
devilsoul13 - 18 Jun 2018, 06:02
Paying image host like imgvip.net allows me to pay my subscription to the image site and my rdp especially that where I live we have no credit crunch and or we can not buy on the internet. that’s why I’m asking you to add it to the list :/
HannaM - 19 Jun 2018, 07:36
@taces23 Try finding a American or Eastern Europe file sharing site, there little easier when it comes to that kind of content.
taces23 - 19 Jun 2018, 20:30
HannaM, Thanks but I’m not searching a host for myself. I use MirrorCreator. I just posted the file.al comment for others that were asking about it.
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